Sugar Body Scrub


Awaken mind & body with this brilliant combInation of feel and smell.
This is an absolute must have, especially if you have dry skin during winter. Rub our scrub all over your body during your bath or shower, rinse, and feel the luxurious, soft feeling on your skin.
Our body scrub assists with circulation & with keeping your skin naturally moisturised & youthful.


Directions for use:
For use on whole body, avoiding face and head. Simply rub scrub onto skin, concentrating on rough areas such as heels & elbows, and rinse off with water. Use twice weekly for best results.

Not for use by pregnant ladies.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Sucrose, Mineral Oil


Note: From 4 November 2022 the container of this product changed due to temporary discontinuation of the previous container. From time to time this might happen as loadshedding influences stock production and availability at our suppliers. Updated photos will be taken and uploaded once we have settled on a new supplier.


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